Training Course for Authorised Lay Worship Leaders Offered

A five-session training course for Authorised Lay Worship Leaders and those preparing for this role in the diocese will be offered on Mondays, 8 August – 5 September 2022, at 7pm via Zoom with the last session in person.

Please note that this course is open to those supported by their clergy and vestry. They may be seeking to train in advance of initial episcopal authorisation or already be Lay Worship Leaders who wish to refresh their training to meet the commitment of ongoing development referred to in their working agreements. In each case, the individual must have already sought and been granted the support of their local priest in charge and vestry before embarking on the training. Speak to your priest for more information. There is still time to apply.

Those interested in attending the course should register their intention to participate with the Diocesan Office at

It is also hoped that an Authorised Lay Ministry Celebration Service will take place in St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow at 11am on Saturday, 8 October 2022.