Fresh Start is a new initiative of Bishop Kevin in line with his Transitional Ministry Strategy for the Diocese. As a diocese, we recognize that transitions don’t end when a vacancy is filled. Clergy who are new in post, whether they are longstanding members of the Diocese and the Scottish Episcopal Church or coming to us from another area of the Communion, have unique support needs as they establish themselves in a new call. This is where Fresh Start comes in.

Fresh Start is a monthly, virtual group meeting with the Dean and the Canon Missioner where clergy who are new to a post (within the last 18 months) can:

•talk to one another about the challenges and joys of starting a new call;
•ask questions about Diocesan/Provincial policies and procedures;
•learn more about the ways God is moving in the Diocese;
•offer advice and feedback to one another, to the Dean and the Canon Missioner;
•get to know one another on this vocational journey.

While most of the meetings will be virtual, there will be occasional opportunities to gather in person over the course of each cleric’s 18-month participation in the programme.

For questions about Fresh Start, please contact the Dean and the Canon Missioner.