Diocesan grants are available to charges to enable mission projects within the church and wider community.

The Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway sees local mission at the heart of what we are called to do as the Church. As such, the Diocese has Diocesan Mission Grants available to all charges who wish to further their mission, outreach, and evangelism work in local communities. The Diocesan Mission Grants are available in sums up to £2,000 to support projects spearheaded by local churches. Grants can be applied for by individual Scottish Episcopal charges within the Diocese or groups of churches working together (such as a region or a local ecumenical group).

Past successful applications have included funds to support:
•Christmas Tree Festivals
•Holiday Clubs
•Toddler Groups
•Dementia Friendly Support Groups
•Regional Away Day Facilitation
•Afterschool Clubs
•Participation in Pride Festivities
•Refugee Support Initiatives
•Local Warm Spaces

Think creatively about where the Spirit is leading you and apply today! Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by the Bishop, with the support of the Canon Missioner.

If you have any questions, please contact the Canon Missioner.

Download the Mission Grant Application Form.
Download the Mission Grant Application Guidelines (updated 2023).

A number of Provincial committees provide grants and loans to assist the dioceses, congregations and members of the SEC.  The main sources of support are:

Buildings grants and loans
The Building Grants Group administers the Building Grants Fund and the Building Loans Fund on behalf of the Administration Board.  Further details can be found here.

Global Partnerships Committee grants
The Global Partnerships Committee distributes grants across its range of portfolio headings.  Whilst most of the funding is provided to individuals and agencies based overseas grants are also provided to dioceses and congregations to enable them to establish and nurture Companion Links with dioceses and congregations overseas.  Small grants are also available to individual members of the SEC planning a visit overseas for Christian service (such as during a career break, a short visit or a Gap Year) or to develop Companion Links.  Further information regarding the Committee’s work can be found here and more details regarding its grant programme here.

Church in Society Committee grants
The Church in Society Committee seeks to encourage local churches and agencies to work with others for the benefit of the whole community – and to take risks in living and sharing the Gospel in relevant ways.  Further information regarding the Committee’s work can be found here.   The Committee has a limited budget for small grants – more details regarding its grant programme can be found here.

•Enable Grant
The Church in Society Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church has relaunched its grant funding scheme to support projects which work to enable life in all its fullness for children, young people and their families. The Enable Grant, which was previously known as the Child Poverty Grant, can be used to access up to £5000 in any one year. The Church in Society committee is interested in funding a wide range of initiatives and there are no prescribed types of project. Find more information and ways to apply for the Enable Grant here.

Hymn Books
A limited number of small grants are available to congregations that would otherwise be unable to replace old hymn books.  Application is by letter to the Treasurer at the General Synod Office providing details of the intended purchase.  Letters must be countersigned by the diocese confirming the grant is required to fund the purchase.