Diocesan Makar

In October 2021, Bishop Kevin announced the appointment of the Rev Kirstin Freeman as the Makar of the United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway. The term makar, borrowed from Scottish literature, relates to a poet or bard, coming from the Middle Scots word for maker.

In this inaugural honorary post, spanning an initial term of four years, Kirstin will mark events in the life and witness of our Diocese by the creation of bespoke pieces of art that will encourage our congregations, communities, and individuals to interact with new directions of creativity and mission throughout the Diocese and further afield.

Kirstin’s visceral poetry and thought-provoking artworks have long been enjoyed by friends and colleagues and have made multiple appearances in our diocesan communications. Bishop Kevin views this appointment as a unique opportunity to crystalise creative forces in the Diocese and help shape new liturgy, prayers, art and resources, as well as a chance to offer a different angle for people to journey with their faith and engage with the issues of the day.

The position of Diocesan Makar is an Honorary appointment of the Bishop, intended to give creative voice to the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway by means of poetry, prose, or other artistic endeavours, either by suggestion of the Bishop, or when moved and inspired by the Holy Spirit to create pieces of art relating to significant events in the Church and the world, as well as our mission, ministry, witness, and faith.

You can keep up to date with the Makar’s creations on her Facebook page.