Bricks without Straw

Bricks without Straw aims to obtain an honest picture of the reality of the charges across the diocese in 2023. This snapshot will consider the Spiritual Reality, the Missional Reality, and the Financial Reality of each charge. The purpose for doing this is to provide some background to the Synod and Diocesan Council in making strategic decisions for the life and mission of charges around our diocese as they allocate resources in the coming years—it will also help to feed into the necessary preparations of the next Diocesan Profile once we reach an episcopal vacancy in the coming years.

Introduction Video

Once your vestry has put together the answers to the three questions please email the completed form to All submissions should be sent by email. If you are including links to video materials, please ensure that those videos are viewable from the links included. Your completed document will be filed in the diocesan office under your charge name and may be sent to office bearers in the life of the diocese for consultation.


Download Bricks Without Straw Materials for Congregations (PDF file, 571KB)
Download Bricks Without Straw Form (Word DOCX file, 33KB)
•Introductory Video from Bishop Kevin: watch|download (MP4 file, 155MB)
•Missional Reality Video: watch|download (MP4 file, 87.8 MB)
•Spiritual Reality Video: watch|download (MP4 file, 210 MB)
•Informative video about the ancient process of brickmaking, still in use today, to support your congregation in better understanding the metaphor: watch