Diocesan Synod 2023

Our Diocesan Synod took place on 4 March 2023, coming from Holy Trinity, Kilmarnock and the Howard Centre.

A livestream of the proceedings was available on this page.

In the agenda for the day, two items for discussion required a response to General Synod. One was a response to the revised Canon 4 (Of the Calling and Election of Bishops to Vacant Sees) which received a first reading at last year’s General Synod.

Download PDF copies of: • Canon 4 – as passed at First Reading General Synod 2022Canon 4 CommentaryCanon 4 Draft Guidelines

A second item for discussion was that of three new liturgies that received first reading in 2022 and are now passed to Diocesan Synod for comment as follows:

Pastoral Offices for PriestsPastoral Offices for DeaconsPastoral Offices for Readers and Authorised Lay Ministers

Saturday 4th March 2023 at The Howard Centre, Kilmarnock. (Please note that times are given as a guide and might be subject to change on the day.)

09.00 Registration, tea and coffee in the Howard Centre

09.10 – 09.40 Freshers’ meeting (with the Rev Canon Gordon Fyfe) in the Howard Centre

09.45 – 10.45 Eucharist including Constitution of Synod and Chrism Mass at Holy Trinity, Kilmarnock

11.00 Bishop in the Chair


Apologies for absence (Diocesan Secretary)

Meeting Appointments: Assessor (Bruce Erroch KC), Minute Secretary (Mr John Mitchell), tellers (Mrs Christine Hughes, Ms Iolanthe Stack and Ms Janet Chalmers)

Synod’s approval for any guests and non-voting members to speak, or Chair sessions

Provincial Staff representative – Mr Malcolm Bett, Treasurer, Scottish Episcopal Church

Appointments according to the constitution and Canon 61, inc. Diocesan Secretary, Diocesan Treasurer, Diocesan Auditor,  (Canon 61 Res 9)

Buildings Committee (Canon 50.9), The Dean, Diocesan Architect, Diocesan Surveyor, Diocesan Treasurer, Rev Canon G Fyfe, Mr R Webster, Mr S McVey, Dr D Lewer

Boundaries Committee (Canon 50.8) Chair: The Dean, Members: Mr M Axford, Rev S Maitland, Mr P Hindle, Mr D Rose, Ms J Whelan, Mr R Burgon, Rev M Goodman

Approval of Diocesan Synod Minutes of 2022 and any Matters Arising from same

Notice of any AOCB agreed with Bishop prior to the meeting.

11.10 Election announcement (the Dean)

Diocesan members of General Synod: 

2 Clergy members to be elected from Synod for a 4-year term  

1 Clergy member to be elected for a 2nd 4-year term (assuming no more than 2 other nominations) 

1 Lay member to be elected for a 2nd 4-year term (assuming no further nominations) 

4 Alternates from Clergy to be elected for a 1-year term 

4 Alternates from Laity to be elected for a 1-year term 

Diocesan Representatives on Provincial Boards:  

1 Diocesan Clergy Representative on Faith and Order Board

1 Diocesan Representative on Mission Board – Clergy or Laity

1 Diocesan Representative on Administration Board – Clergy or Laity

11.30 Report – Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Mrs Anne Jones)

11.40 Presentation of 2022 Accounts and Auditor’s report, and of 2023 Budget (Diocesan Treasurer)

12.05 Canon 4 Revisions: summary by The Dean leading to table discussions to formulate possible responses/Resolutions to General Synod in afternoon session.

12.30 Bishop’s Lent Appeal – Bishop to introduce speakers from Mothers’ Union AFIA Charity

12.55 Lunch in main hall

1.40 A Season for Christian Life: short video presentation

1.45 Submission of Synod Returns (Synod Clerk)

1.55 Matters for General Synod

1.55 to 2.10: Diocesan Response to 3 new Liturgies (Rev Canon Dr Nicholas Taylor)

2.10 to 2.40: Feedback from morning floor discussions and Resolution (The Dean) concerning Diocesan Response to Canon 4 Revision. Vote in houses for or against resolution.

2.40 Provincial Environment Group Presentation 

3.10 Short Break

3.20 Canon Missioner – Focus on Wellbeing

3.30 Issues for Synod: The Dean  

East End Team Ministry Canonical Changes

Election Results

Trustee Training

Provincial Statistics Response

3.55 Any AOCB agreed before the meeting.

4pm Confirmation of the Acts of Synod and The Blessing.


Synod 2024 – Saturday 2nd March