Diocesan Synod

The Diocesan Synod acts as the Parliament of the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway. It is part of the Church’s legislative and deliberative process.

Changes to Canon Law or liturgical texts and formal changes to internal Church policy raised at General Synod have to be considered by the Diocesan Synod before being sent for consideration to the Regional Councils. Diocesan Synod meets once (sometimes twice) a year for this purpose. In this way, the Scottish Episcopal Church seeks to ensure that there is as wide a discussion of pertinent issues as possible.

The Diocesan Synod often invites guest speakers to address it on specific areas of concern.

Who are the members?
The Diocesan Synod’s members are Clergy (stipendiary and non-stipendiary) and elected Lay Representatives.

How to get matters on the Synod agenda?
The formal agenda for the Synod is prepared by the Diocesan Secretary in association with the Bishop, members of the Bishop’s Staff Group and Diocesan Council. Any member of Synod can propose a motion by notifying the Diocesan Secretary by a set date before the Synod meeting. The deadline for these notifications is given in the papers sent out to convene the Synod. The Diocesan Secretary, in consultation with the Bishop and Diocesan Council, then decides whether to include the proposed motion.


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