Ministry Celebration Service 2023

The annual Diocesan Ministry Celebration Service will take place in St Mary’s Cathedral, 300 Great Western Road, at 11am on Saturday 19th August.

This year the focus of the service will be on all Eucharistic Assistants. All Eucharistic Assistants and their supporters are very welcome to attend this special occasion where, if notice has been given, their licenses will be renewed.

In order to update the diocesan records and ensure that currently functioning Eucharistic Assistants receive the Bishop’s authorisation, it is important that new working agreements are produced and that these are signed by the priest and each individual Eucharistic Assistant in each congregation.

A copy of the template for this working agreement can be downloaded here. It can be amended as appropriate to local requirements. A completed and signed copy of this should be sent to the Diocesan Office, together with an extract of the Vestry minute recording the agreement of both clergy and Vestry in supporting each individual Eucharistic Assistant in carrying out this function within the local worshipping community. On receipt of this documentation, the Bishop can then offer his authorisation, or continued authorisation.

In congregations with a clerical vacancy, the interim priest-in-charge should complete the new working agreement with each Eucharistic Assistant.

All documentation should be received back at the Diocesan Office by 4th August.

Please continue to give thanks to God for the various tasks God’s people are called to fulfil within the Church and pray for all our Eucharistic Assistants as they seek episcopal authorisation or the renewal of it.