A Special Paschal Candle Burns in Possilpark

Over Eastertide, a special Paschal candle has been burning in St Matthew’s, Possilpark.

In 2020, community artist Barry Neeson painted the Paschal Candle for St Matthew’s with the Risen Christ piercing a Covid-19 virus particle with his Resurrection banner. As it happened, the Candle remained unlit until the community could celebrate the Eucharist again in August 2020.

For 2021, the image is more sombre and Christ wears a face mask, one with us, in the realities of this world, and still this year the flame burns with hope.

Barry Neeson has supported grassroots community arts in Possil for many years as well as being a prime mover in the artistic side of the Glasgow Science Festival. ‘BOOM‘, a community arts project Barry runs with Sara Thomas, is involved with major Possil events.

When St Matthew’s community decided to re-instate the local ‘Santa’s sleigh ride’ for Christmas with a horse-drawn cart through the streets to cheer people up, Barry was their Santa! During the lockdown, St Matthew’s Centre had to pause on-site community meals, but they have managed to deliver between 40 and 60 meals locally each Friday and they are grateful for their volunteers, one of whom is Barry.

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