A Reflection for Pentecost

The history of Christianity in Scotland is displayed on this stained glass window from the Chapel of St John at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Ayr, with early saints’ stories surrounding the centre image of the Holy Spirit descending on the apostles.

What is missing from the picture is the Holy Spirit at work in us and through us, now and forever.

That day, so long ago the Spirit came,
came not just to some,
not just for a season,
came for all,
came for all time.

We don’t wait for the Holy Spirit to come,
the Spirit is here,
waiting for us to respond.
The Spirit waits to surprise us,
restore us,
renew us.

Just as Jesus promised.
Just as Joel prophesied.

Awake, child of God,
sons and daughters,
awake and raise your voice,
speak God’s words
of justice and peace,
of love and compassion.

Awake, child of God,
raise your voice,
speak for the voiceless,
speak for the hopeless,
speak for the lost,
the frightened and grieving,
the distant and neighbour,
the friend and unknown.

Awake, child of God,
let the Spirit speak through you,
let God’s voice be heard in the world.

Awake, child of God,
no matter how young you feel,
how unknowing you think you may be,
for the Spirit within you
will spark visions with your eyes open.
Visions of peace everlasting,
rich with the promises
of love for all peoples,
an end to discrimination,
A freedom from prejudice
in each and all its forms.

Awake, child of God,
open your eyes to the visions
that await you
to encourage and inspire you,
to build a future brighter and better
than sleeping eyes can see.

Awake, child of God,
regardless of how many years have passed by
how frail or tired you may feel
or how full of life you still yet may be.
For the Spirit within you
will paint dreams in your waking,
dreams of hope realised,
even in days of sorrow and weeping;
dreams to revive you
in days when souls, minds or bodies ache;
dreams of a better tomorrow
than all the yesterdays past.

Awake, child of God,
let the Spirit stir within you
and dream dreams bigger
than you ever could
imagine or dream on your own.

That day, so long ago,
despite locked doors,
the Spirit came.

Awake, child of God,
the Spirit is here.

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