Provincial Youth Pilgrimage to Iona, Applications Open by 11 August

The Provincial Youth Pilgrimage to Iona in October 2023 is open for bookings until 11 August.

Do you know a young person connected to your church who would benefit from the experience of pilgrimage and retreat in a beautiful place?

The Provincial Youth Pilgrimage in October 2023 offers young people aged 12-18 and 18-25(plus) the opportunity to spend time with God and each other on the island of Iona, guided by Provincial Youth leaders. They will have a chance to experience for themselves the ancient practices of pilgrimage and retreat, in a beautiful place that connects them with the history of Christianity in Scotland. Do you know a young person connected to your church who might benefit from this experience?

Please encourage applications, even if a young person doesn’t know exactly what their availability might be. Those in the 18-25 age bracket may be unsure about their university or work commitments, but they can apply anyway: there is no firm commitment on either side until pilgrims are selected after the deadline of 11 August.

Full information and booking details can be found for pilgrims aged 12-18 here and pilgrims aged 18-25(ish) here. If you have any questions, please contact the Provincial Youth Convener, the Rev Tembu Rongong at, and our Canon Missioner, the Rev Canon Audrey O’Brien Stewart at