Ordination of Jackie Fenton to the Diaconate

The Church of God rejoices in welcoming the Rev Jackie Fenton who was ordained Vocational Deacon by Bishop Kevin at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow on Sunday 3 September 2023. Jackie will continue her ministry with the good people of Christ Church, Lanark.

Working closely with the Bishop and the priests with whom they serve, deacons are heralds of God’s kingdom, proclaiming the good news in church and community. The vocational deacon seeks ways to serve others, and bring the concerns of the world back to the congregation in preaching and intercession, and encouraging Christians to bring the love of God to their communities in mission.

Please pray for Jackie, her family, and her church community, remembering also those who will be ordained in the coming weeks across the Scottish Episcopal Church, those training at the Scottish Episcopal Institute, and all those who are discerning God’s call.