Clergy Conference 2023 Begins

In our hearts, we encircle in prayer and love the clergy serving our Diocese, thinking about those who gathered for the Diocesan Clergy Conference starting today in Dumbarton.

In his sermon during the opening Eucharist earlier today, Bishop Kevin reflected on John 12: 20-26: “We wish to see Jesus…”, saying:
“Hope is the reason behind that request and hope is the reason for these next couple of days we will spend together.”

Heavenly Father, in every age you raise up pastors and leaders for your Church to reflect the light of Christ and to lead us in the way of holiness. We thank you for those who have been shepherds of your flock: bless your Church today with gifts of care and nurture, give a pastoral heart to bishops, priests and deacons, and strengthen all who are called to be leaders of your people. Amen.