Ordination of the Rev Liz Crumlish to the Priesthood

The Church of God rejoices in the Rev Liz Crumlish who was ordained a priest today by Bishop Kevin at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow.

Messages from colleagues and friends have inspired Liz to write this prayer for the Feast of St Thomas, the day of her ordination.

Handling the body of Christ

The feast of St Thomas
an auspicious day for ordination
Thomas – forever dubbed the doubter
I want to embrace the insight
of an apostle who was so much more
The twin who spoke up
brave enough to own what he was thinking
and, by his honesty
got to touch the body of Christ
to feel the marks
and caress the wounds
I pray that
as I follow that calling
I, too, will continue to question
and make space for others’ voices
to be heard
And, as I handle the wounded flesh of Christ
at the altar
and in the world
may I be able to say
with awe and reverence
My Lord and my God

Please continue to pray for Liz, her family, and her ministry at St Oswald’s Church, Maybole, in our Diocese, and in the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Image: Newly ordained Liz surrounded by clergy. More photos and video highlights of the service will be shared online in the following days.

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