Authorised Lay Ministries

In baptism every disciple is called to make Jesus known as Saviour and Lord and to share his work in renewing the world. Some by ordination are given particular tasks. Bishops share their ministry with their priests in each congregation. Specific tasks maybe shared by the cleric with charge with the members of the congregation.

The discernment of gifts within a community of faith lies with all the baptised including the Bishop or their representative. When these gifts have been identified it is the responsibility of the community to encourage and foster the use of these gifts.

In the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway, there are three particular roles that can be carried out following authorisation by the Bishop:

Pastoral Assistants

Lay people who primarily help with the pastoral work of a charge.  Such tasks may involve, regular visiting, taking the Reserved Sacrament to the housebound and ill, and assisting with other pastoral matters under the direction of the priest.

Eucharistic Assistants

Lay people who assist with the administration of the Sacrament during public worship.

It is not unusual for people to be both Pastoral and Eucharistic Assistants.

Worship Leaders

There are some lay people, not Licensed Readers, who occasionally preach in a particular congregation at the invitation of the priest and with the Bishop’s approval. Members of a congregation who lead worship or give an address on an occasional basis are authorised to do that only in their own congregation.