Church and Academy

Church and Academy is an initiative of the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway which brings together both the pastoral and academic dimensions of the Church’s lived experience.
Meeting in the Theology and Religious Studies Building at 4, The Square, on the main campus of the University of Glasgow, it seeks to provide a forum where ideas, both old and new, can be shared and through which relationships can be strengthened. It seeks to serve the Church and the community by offering a space of honest enquiry. All are very welcome.

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, currently, the Church and Academy seminars are meeting via Zoom.

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Upcoming Seminars

The Autism of Gxd

Dr Ruth M. Dunster
5:30pm, Thursday 24th March 2022 on Zoom
This book is the story of Ruth Dunster’s autistic search for an authentic, personal, and theological “Gxd.” In this, it resembles Augustine’s Confessions, as a theological auto-biography. It becomes atheological, however, as Dunster reckons with what Denys Turner terms “The Darkness of God.” It offers a fascinating view into how an autistic poet becomes a theologian; and what more mainstream theologies might learn from this “disabled Gxd.”

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Passcode: 680888
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Previous Seminars

Sacred Modes of Being in a Postsecular World

Dr Andrew Hass
24 February 2022
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Lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies, University of Stirling
Former editor of the journal Literature and Theology.
Dr Hass’ research explores the intersection of religion with literature (and the arts), with philosophy, and with critical theory. A particular emphasis is on hermeneutics and the questions of textuality and interpretation. He is concerned with how religion necessarily crosses over into other realms of thinking and experience, and how this might be made manifest in the various textual expressions handed down by tradition or found within contemporary culture.

‘A journey from nursing to ministry’

Rev Louise McClements
27 January 2022
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The Rev Louise McClements has been parish minister of Lenzie Old Parish Church for the last five and a half years. Prior to that, she served a linked charge in Falkirk for almost nine years. She is from Falkirk and on leaving school she trained as a Staff Nurse and spent eight years working in an acute care of the elderly ward and five years working in a GP practice. Whilst working in the ward she developed an interest in caring for those with dementia. Her research uses autoethnography and the fictive narrative as data.

Responding to the fifth mark of mission – the Green Anglicans Movement

Rev Canon Dr Rachel Mash
21 October 2021
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The Rev Canon Dr Rachel Mash is the Environmental Coordinator for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and a leading figure in the Anglican Communion Environmental Network (A.C.E.N.). Dr Mash hails from Scotland, and is a Mission Partner of St Paul’s & St George’s, Edinburgh.

Land of Promise? Response to Anglican Communion Report on Christian Zionism

Rev Canon Dr Nicholas Taylor
30 September 2021
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A Response to the Anglican Communion Report on Christian Zionism by the Rev Canon Dr Nicholas Taylor, who is Rector of St Aidan’s, Clarkston and serves as Convenor of the SEC Liturgy Committee. He has a long standing theological, political and historical interest in Israel-Palestine and has been a resident scholar in the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem.
The Anglican report discussed can be found here.

Things, People and Practices

Fr George Guiver CR
27 May 2021
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How to be a Failure and Still Live Well: Homo Economicus to Homo Religiosus

Professor Beverley Clack
28 January 2021
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Beverley Clack is Professor in the Philosophy of Religion at Oxford Brookes University. Her publications include: How to be a Failure and Still Live Well (2020); Interrogating the Neoliberal Lifecycle: The Limits of Success, co-edited with Michele Paule (2019); Philosophy of Religion: A Critical Introduction, co-authored with Brian R Clack (3rd edition 2019); Freud on the Couch (2013); Feminist Philosophy of Religion: Critical Readings, co-edited with Pamela Sue Anderson (2004); Sex and Death: A Reappraisal of Human Mortality (2002); and Misogyny in the Western Philosophical Tradition (1999).
From 2012-2016, she was City Councillor for St Clements Ward in Oxford, and from 2016-2018 she was a member of the Labour Party’s National Policy Forum. She is a Circuit Steward in the Oxford Circuit of the Methodist Church, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

How Interreligious Dialogue can Contribute to Peace-building

Rabbi Raanan Mallek
24 November 2020
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Rabbi Raanan Mallek is a scholar, educator, and religious leader in the Masorti (Conservative) denomination of Judaism. He is currently the movement’s municipal Rabbi of the Misgav region in Galilee, the executive director of the Galilee Foundation for Value Education, a member of the World Council of Churches International Reference Group and a Board Member of Rabbis for Human Rights. Rabbi Mallek has for many years been pioneering work in peacebuilding, interfaith relations, and human rights activism in Israel-Palestine and internationally. He brings to these issues both a profound and costly commitment, and a depth of rabbinic scholarship; he was recently published via Brill. In 2017, Rabbi Mallek was identified by the World Council of Churches as one of the Twelve Faces of Hope in Israel-Palestine.

Church, Ministry, and Coronavirus

Panel discussion
25 June 2020
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Panel discussion includes Professor David Jasper, Theology & Religious Studies, Glasgow; Dr Margaret B. Adam, St Stephen’s House, Oxford; Dr Armand Leon van Ommen, Practical Theology, University of Aberdeen; Avigail Abarbanel, Psychotherapist, Highlands. Papers have been published in the Scottish Episcopal Institute Journal 4.2. (2020).