Diocesan Synod 2021

Our Diocesan Synod remains scheduled for 31 July 2021. It will take place via Zoom. Papers should arrive with attending clergy and lay representatives by Saturday, 17 July, please contact the Diocesan Office if your copy hasn’t arrived by Monday, 19 July.

If anyone due to attend is concerned about accessing Synod over Zoom, individual and group training is available in the following weeks. Please email Petko Marinov at digitalmissioner@glasgow.anglican.org or John Mitchell at secretary@glasgow.anglican.org for further details and to arrange training sessions.

It is possible to access (and contribute to) Synod by telephone if visual access is impossible; again, contact Petko or John for details and training.

In your prayers, please hold the members of the Diocesan Synod as they seek and discern God’s wisdom and will for the future of our Church.

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