Climate Crisis Engagement Network with Prof Ian Arbon: How We Got to the Climate Crisis, Reflecting on the Path Ahead

There is still time to register for the second session of the climate crisis and environmental justice talks offered by the Diocese.
This Thursday, 12th May 2022, 7.30pm-9pm on Zoom – Prof Ian M. Arbon CEng, CEnv – How we got to the climate crisis, reflecting on the path ahead, followed by Q&A

How we got to the climate crisis and reflecting on the path ahead.

Everyone is now familiar with the current “climate crisis” but do we really understand what it is, how it came about and what, if anything, we can do about its mitigation? Without this fundamental knowledge, might almost all of the currently proposed ‘solutions’ prove to be inadequate and little more than ‘window dressing’ or ‘greenwash’?   Ian Arbon draws from his decades of experience in sustainable development, renewable energy and climate change mitigation/adaptation to endeavour to explain the science behind climate change and global warming and identify their principal causes.  In particular, he examines the effects of most developed countries having virtually ignored the impacts of climate change for the past 30 years, since the crisis was clearly identified by the UN’s IPCC in 1990.

The solutions proposed by most Governments (followed, apparently unquestioningly, by the vast majority of both secular and religious organisations) to achieve the often-stated goal of limiting average global surface temperature rises to 1.5oC by 2100 are largely technology-based.  As both a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Environmentalist, Ian looks at whether some of these solutions are even possible; if not, what is Plan B?

Prof  Ian M. Arbon  CEng  CEnv

Ian Arbon is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, a Registered European Engineer and a Chartered Environmentalist, with an MSc in ‘Renewable Energy and the Environment’ and an MBA.  Formerly MD of several UK engineering-sector manufacturing companies, he now runs Engineered Solutions, a Sustainable Engineering and Management consultancy. Ian is a Fellow of IMechE; having chaired its Energy, Environment & Sustainability Group and its Renewable Power Committee, he has a long history in spearheading the Institution’s work in sustainable development; among other relevant reports, he was Lead Author of the Institution’s Reports (2009 & 2020) on ‘The Energy Hierarchy’. He is also a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Energy Institute, the Institute of Refrigeration and the Institute of Engineers in Scotland. He has been a Visiting Professor in Alternative Energy at Newcastle University, an Honorary Professor in Sustainable Energy at the University of Glasgow and a Visiting Professor in the Centre for Energy Policy at the University of Strathclyde. Ian is also past Chair of the John Ray Initiative (JRI), an educational charity recognising the urgent need to respond to the global environmental crisis and the challenges of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Ian is currently a Worship Leader and Vestry member at St John’s, Stranraer and is a former Diocesan Tutor on Science and Religion.

EurIng Prof  Ian M. Arbon  MSc, MBA, CEng, CEnv, FIMechE, FASME, FEI, FInstR, FIES
Senior Partner
Engineered Solutions

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