Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2022: Children in Distress

Bishop Kevin’s Lent appeal for 2022 reverts to a pattern of alternating home-based charities with those based overseas as recipients.

Children in Distress is a small but highly effective charity, whose roots are in the Anglican tradition, whose head administrative office is in Glasgow, and whose work is dedicated to helping suffering children in Romania.  They work with the sick, the incurably and terminally ill, those with HIV/AIDS, autistic spectrum conditions, people with disabilities and those who face a daily challenge for life as a result of accident, infection, genetic or congenital conditions, those who daily face discrimination or religious persecution, the socially excluded, the desperate and disadvantaged children and families, the poorest of the poor.

They care for children in the worst circumstances and, as their mission statement makes clear, their role is – To cure, sometimes; to help, often; to comfort, always.

For more information, see the attached leaflets and/or the website as a small charity, every penny really does count for them, so please give as generously as you can.

Children in Distress: What We Do
Children in Distress: Vision (Summer 2021 Newsletter)
Children in Distress: Shoebox Appeal 2021
Children in Distress: Celebrating 30 Years

Ways to Donate

JustGiving Page

Click here for Bishop Kevin’s Lent Appeal for Children in Distress (
The preferred and easiest way is to donate electronically and instantly to the appeal, either for individuals or for treasurers sending collected charge donations. For individual donations, it means that Gift Aid can be added to your donation, adding 25p to every pound donated (if you pay tax). Whether donating as an individual or as a church via your Treasurer, please add the name of your church to the Donation Notes (this is perfectly possible even if you are an individual who prefers to remain anonymous). Please donate through this page (which donation goes directly to Children in Distress) by clicking on the link above.

Cheque Payments

For those who prefer to send cheques, they can be sent directly to Children in Distress (please make it clear that the donation is part of the Bishop’s Lent Appeal and include details of the church they are sent from), but it will be administratively much simpler – for us and for the charity – to send them via the Diocesan Office to ensure they are added to our final total. See below.

Cheque payments should be made payable to Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway, Please include a note to confirm the name of your charge and your contact details. Send to:

Scottish Episcopal Church
Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway
Bishop’s Lent Appeal
49 Cochrane Street
Glasgow G1 1HL

Money will be transferred to Children in Distress on a regular basis, and included in the final JustGiving total. This will also apply to the following method.

Electronic Transfer to the Diocese

Although it remains easier to transfer electronically via our own JustGiving page, it remains possible to do so through the Diocesan account. Send by BACS to the following details: Sort code 83-41-00, Account Number 00162089. Account name is GW & GALL GEN FUND 7. Please use the reference Lent22 and your quota number for ID, and also email Iolanthe Stack at to confirm a donation has been sent, and from which charge it has been sent. Iolanthe will acknowledge receipt by email. If you are sending a personal donation this way, also use Lent 22 and your surname for ID, again copying in Iolanthe for information, and she will reply to confirm receipt.