Bishop Kevin Announces Appointments for Kilmarnock and North Ayrshire Team

The Rt Rev Kevin Pearson, Bishop of the United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway, is pleased to announce the following two appointments: the Rev Harriet Sarah Johnston as Priest-in-Charge of Holy Trinity, Kilmarnock, and the Rev Lee Johnston as Priest-in-Charge of the North Ayrshire Team.

Harriet says, “I’m really looking forward to becoming Priest-in-Charge of Holy Trinity Church. The congregation has found innovative ways of keeping in touch and worshipping together during the pandemic and are involved in an impressive range of ecumenical and community initiatives. I’m looking forward to meeting them in person, getting to know them, and discovering a shared vision of what God can do in Kilmarnock.”

And Lee says, “I am delighted to be going to St Andrew’s and St Peter’s in North Ayrshire to support their Christian worship and witness as Priest-in-Charge. These churches collaborate closely together and with other denominations; they warmly welcome refugees and the wider community; and have lived with change courageously during the pandemic. I’m most looking forward to meeting everyone in person, at services and during visits, as we encourage one another towards God’s future for us and the communities we serve.”

Bishop Kevin commented, ”We are delighted to make two such strong appointments from within our diocese to these two charges who are seeking a way forward in ministry over the next decade. The skills and talents which Lee and Harriet bring to the charges, and have already been shared in their training curacies of Lanark and Bishopbriggs, will enable much growth and adaptation as we look to the new reality of ministry post-pandemic. We look forward to being able to support them both as they take on new responsibilities in these charges and witness the flourishing of all associated with Holy Trinity, Kilmarnock and the North Ayrshire Team. It is a very exciting development for the charges in the diocese that these talented young priests are committed to the diocesan vision of building the Kingdom of God in Glasgow and Galloway.”

Please pray for Harriet and Lee as they make preparations for their moves over the coming months and pray for Bishopbriggs and Lanark as they prepare to hand on their curates to the wider life of the diocese.

Details of the Licensing Services will be announced in due course. Harriet and Lee will live in the rectory at Kilmarnock once it has been made ready for their occupancy by the Diocesan Property Committee and the charges.